Sunday, February 8, 2009

How To Survive The Economic Disaster

There are positive ways to survive the economic disaster we are experiencing now. I expect the the current spending frenzy by the Democrats will push our country into total economic disaster. So we need to get ready for what is coming.

The name of the game is not wasting your money. Many have lost jobs or their business already. Others have taken wage cuts and us retire people, well, we are already surviving.

I never buy cheap products unless I just can't manage to dig up the money and I'm desperate. I use the best and the best has never let me down. Big ticket items will kill your budget when the crisis hits. So you need to preserve your car, house, tools, lawn equipment and so on. You won't be able to buy that new car when your old one starts smoking and falling apart. So upkeep is the key. Use 100% synthetic AMSOIL. I can only tell you what it does for me. First, I save time and conserve our precious resources. I change AMSOIL and their new technology nano-fiber oil filter once a year. I use 80% less oil.

Second: AMSOIL virtually eliminates wear and that's critical.

Third: I get 20% more MPG. We bought a new Toyota Camry (4 cyl) in 2007. Right after I got that free oil change through the dealership we had to make an emergency trip to Modesto California from Ellington Missouri. Going to CA we got 30 and 32 mpg consistently. While there I changed over to AMSOIL 100% synthetic oil and on or trip back we got 36 and 38 mpg. We got 40 MPG going through part of New Mexico and Texas. That's a big savings over time.

Another way to save is to use AMSOIL in your lawn tractor, lawn mower, snow blower and so on. I have a John Deere lawn tractor that I mow 17 acres with each summer. The lawn tractor is almost 6 years old and has been treated pretty rough. I use it to mow, often hitting rocks. I use it to pull a wagon to haul wood in the winter months. They told me it wouldn't last long, maybe a year to two years mowing as much land as I mow. It's still going strong and sounds like a new engine. I've had to weld up the deck a couple times hitting rocks but I expect to use it for many more years.

AMSOIL 100% synthetic oil save me money over conventional oil. Even thought it is more expensive per quart than conventional oil, it saves me about $50 a year. I use less and that's good for our environment, 80% less waste oil, less smog from evaporating oil and so on.

I make a little money by selling AMSOIL too. You can become a dealer for less than $50 and it's fun. It's a car guy or gal type of business. I love cars and build hot rods and custom cars so it fits my preference for something to do. I love AMSOIL.

Nano-Fiber oil and air filters are 98.7% efficient. Dirt in oil and the air can destroy your eneing in time. I know people that have driven their cars 800,000 miles and even diesel rigs can go the same mileage. I have an article about a diesel that went 630,000 miles, 409 of that with no oil change using a bypass system. I use the bypass system and have 112,000 miles on my Dodge Ram HO diesel. It works very well, is very neat and is amazingly inexpensive. If you are interested send me a note and I'll tell you how this system works.

I'm also working on making free fuel, yes FREE!!!! It's just a supplemental fuel that mixes with gas or diesel and it works. It actually inhances the performance and extends the life of the vehicle. The technology is many years old, and was even used during WWII. This is a project for the person that loves to tinker. It's probably not a good project for the couch potato who watches mindless TV and doesn't like to get out and do anything. This is a fun project to do. I make my own supplemental HHO a form of hydrogen. It is not stored and is burned as quickly as it is made. I can make about 1.7 ltrs of HHO per minute which can actually double MPG or at least improve MPG for others. For you hot rodders, inventors and folks that love different things to try out, take a look. HHO is a very neat idea.

HHO technology is something that big oil does not want you to know about. It has been supressed for many years. I can get you true stories about people developing this technology and how they have been threatened. Now the cat is out of the bag and we can all benefit from 80 year old technology that has been improved on. It is absolutely amazing. Contact me if you want to talk about this.

Most Americans in my opinion are so dependant on having everything at their fingertips they can't make it theirselves in a crisis. I'm building a bandsaw saw mill to make my own lumber out of trees on my property to build my shop. I'm building a 2700 sq ft shop amost free, except for the siding, plywood, doors, windows and roofing materials.

If you don't have trees to cut down then you can buy them from people that sell trees off their property very cheap. Trees don't go for much and you can make a whole lot of studs and lumber out of a single pine tree.

The catch to helping yourself and saving money is hard work. For a lazy person then I'd say this economic crisis is going to be really tough. But for the person with a good work ethic that loves to see his end product, then this can be a whole lot of fun.

More to come as I find different things that will save you money.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Double Your Gas/Diesel Mileage?


When I saw this it was a WOW!!!! I look for ways to increase fuel mileage (MPG) constantly. But my recent find was a real exciting find and it works for gas or diesel, cars, trucks, motorcycles any gas or diesel motor.
In WWII fighter aircraft found that they could gain a lot more power when they flew just a few feet above the water. Although not new technology, HHO systems were developed and actually used in WWII. After the war the technology dissappeared and was forgotten.
More recently a group of back yard inventers like myself revived this 90 year old technology and applied it to cars, pick ups, diesel rigs, just anything that runs on gas or diesel. This system is simple to build and you can get all the parts you need from Wal-Mart, Home Deopt, Radio Shack, OSH, and off the Internet. I'm building two as we speak and intend to build more for family. Some of the extensive testing shows some remarkable results.
Bio-fuel production has already increased food prices about 150% and created food shortages world wide, maybe leading to world famine. We have technology that dramatically reduce the need for oil. It's called HHO technology and don't forget electric car technology. We simply won't need as much oil if people will just get off their "chair" and do something. Lazy, spoiled rotten, want everything handed to them. Get real, do a little work, try harder, be inventive, try whatever comes out to cut fuel costs and improve efficiency.
I hear people gripe about fuel costs, gripe about pollution but like Al Gore continue living LARGE in huge huge homes, driving huge cars and clamining to be the worlds savior to stop global warming. Get real!

This is what you should be doing, use 100% synthetic oil, get as much as 20% (sometimes more or less) use 80% less oil, reduce polution dramatically.

Build a HHO Unit and clean up exhaust emissions drmatically, so much you won't believe you eyes. Testing shows amazing results.

Monday, May 21, 2007



What if I told you that you could get more miles per gallon (MPG) by simply changing over to our 100% synthetic oil. Would you be interested?

I have used this synthetic oil in every vehicle and lawn mower we have owned since 1995. And it has been around since 1972.

Since that time I have gotten about 20% more MPG in our past vehicles 1996 Chevy 3/4 ton PU, our 2002 Jeep Wrangler X 6 cyl. And the ones we now own, 2002 Dodge Ram Diesel and 2007 Toyota Camry 4 cylinder.


We recently made a trip to California from Missouri in our 2007 Toyota Camry. The car still had conventional oil in it and we got 30 mpg to 32 mpg consistently throughout the trip. Before we came back we changed the oil over to our brand of synthetic oil.

On the trip back to Missouri, 2200 miles, we got 38 mpg to 40 mpg consistently all the way. At one point in New Mexico through part of the Texas Pan Handle we got 41.3 mpg. We calculated our mileage by dividing number of gallons into miles driven. I made an effort to top the tank of the same way each time I filled up with fuel to be as accurate as possible.

Your results may be different due to driving habits, vehicle characteristics, atmospheric conditions, temperature, road conditions, vehicle loads, weight you are pulling and much more. In the mountains your gas mileage will go down, on flat ground with no wind gas mileage will generally go up.


The way to determine what oil is best in my opinion is by checking the federally regulated test called ASTM tests (The American Society of Testing and Materials). All oil companies have to use these tests, it's mandated by Federal law. So it's not the ads on TV that prove what oil is best it's the ASTM tests.

Check how your band of oil rates here, check the tests out see what's best.


Synthetic oil and automatic transmission fluid reduces friction so it reduces heat and wear too. Less friction, less heat = more mpg and less wear!

The synthetic motor oil I use runs about 20 F degrees cooler. The Synthetic Automatic transmission fluid I use runs 20 F to 50 F degrees cooler. Synthetic oil doesn't leave
varnish behind to foul the transmission. Heat is a transmission killer!

Our synthetic oil, ATF and gear oil lasts longer too. Change conventional oil very 3000 miles or 3 months. Change Conventional ATF, depending on vehicle about every 25,000 to 35,000 miles.

Change our 100% synthetic oil every 25,000 miles or one year. Our Synthetic ATF lasts 3 times longer. For many cars that's about 90,000 miles.


How about smog? Did you know that your engine's heat causes conventional oil to evaporate into the atmosphere? Well it does and the result is poor air quality (SMOG). In fact every year about 600 million gallons of motor oil are burned exiting through the tailpipes of cars and trucks. Synthetic Oil significantly reduces volatization!

Synthetic has very low volitation reducing smog and increasing efficiency. That means more miles per gallon less smog and the tests, not commercials, prove it!


Do you know what a 5% increase in fuel savings means for conserving fuel? If a driver averages more than 15,000 miles each year, and spends an average of $3.00 per gallon of gas, a 5% savings would be about a $90 savings per year. (assuming an average of 25 mpg).

That's also about a 30-gallon fuel savings for every 15,000 miles... multiply that by 135 million cars and see what that small savings really means... They say a 5% fuel mileage improvement will save about 4,050,000,000 gallons of fuel every year. That's 4-billion gallons of gas a year saved!

That's just a small fraction of the information about how you save by using 100% Synthetic oil.


You can save money by putting nitrogen in your tires. NO, NITROGEN WON'T EXPLODE IT'S AN INERT GAS. Putting Nitrogen in your tires is becoming more and more poplar. Get installed at your tire shop.

How it works: Tires are made out of rubber and air is able to seep through the tire resulting in about a pound of air loss every month. The air you put in your tires also rots the rubber causing tires to check and crack.

Nitrogen has larger molecules so it takes 52 months to loose one pound of nitrogen. Ever notice cars at the grocery store parking lot with tires that looked like they were going flat? They are loosing money with every mile they drive. Figure to loose 1 pound of air per month. That means you loose gas mileage!

Tires will run cooler with Nitrogen and that means more tire life.Use nitrogen and get better vehicle handling.

You will get better fuel efficiency and tire life because you won't loose tire pressure like air does.

If you drive 15,000 miles per year you will save money by better fuel mileage and increased tire life: This is what my research show, at $3.00 a gallon for gas you will save about $78 in improved gas mileage and $64.00 in increased tire life. That's a WOW! in my book, a $142.44 overall savings.

I had nitrogen put in my tires when I had my tires rotated last time. The tire guy charged me $20 for 30-inch tires and they add nitrogen whenever I need it for free. You can't beat that deal! It only cost less for my Toyota Camry tires.

Learn more about putting Nitrogen in you tires!

Remember! The more you conserve fuel the less fuel we need and the lower prices will go!


I just found something else that improves fuel mileage and reduces emissions. The EPA tested this product too... so the info is worth reading. Personally I’d rather put money in my pocket rather than the rich oil Barron's and greedy oil companies. Find out more about this Fuel Additive.

Just a 5% MPG improvement in the USA would result in saving 4-billion gallons of fuel a year.


Ease up on the gas, you don’t have to get in front all the time sit back and enjoy the drive you won’t save but a couple minutes leap-frogging in traffic, rapid acceleration, max breaking will use up fuel rapidly. And those slow folks usually pull in behind you as you wait to make your turn into the gas station!

Try to gage the traffic lights, so you don't have to stop.

Shut off the engine while sitting in front of the grocery store or bank waiting for your better half to get back. Excessive idling uses fuel and fouls the oil.

Use the cruise control whenever possible, it is better than the foot in conserving fuel.

Visit us again, more to come... learn more about 100% synthetic oil and save! You can get a free catalog too click on the picture of the catalog! I can help!

Don't use the AC whenever possible. A recent test on the show Myth Busters showed that driving with your windows down and the AC off was more fuel efficient than with windows up and AC on. They got like 15 miles more off a tank of gas than the other car did with windows up and AC on. I saw the show and the car with the windows down went a lot further on a tank of fuel.


Most folks don't think too much about what their spark plugs are doing. But spark plugs can really a difference on how your engine performs.Conventional spark plugs only get about 50 watts of spark to ignite your fuel mixture, even with the new fancy platinum plugs.

But with this new technology these plugs reach one million watts! And that increases horsepower, torque and fuel mileage. Take a look here at something really amazing!

Check back, more to come! In the mean time, try my suggestions out... If you have questions send me an email.